with us


Reference letter

and Work experience.

We can provide you with a reference letter that you can add to your resume.

Free ticket

You can watch the show for free and receive an additional ticket or a discount for your loved ones.

Have Fun

You’ll have fun working in a culturally diverse team.

New friends

You’ll have the opportunity to connect with the Latino-American culture and make new friends.

Language Skills

You can practice your language skills by communicating in English, Spanish, Portuguese, or any other language.

Recognition Party

After finishing your work, you can enjoy the afterparty with other volunteers.

Appreciation gift

As a token of appreciation, you’ll receive a stylish T-Shirt with the beautiful design of Carnaval Del Sol.


Positions Available

We are excited to work together and achieve great things!

“Act as if what you do makes a difference... it does”

William James
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